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Str. 22nd December no.2, 725100, Suceava County, Roumania

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the international folklore festival „Bucovina's meetings"


Every place on earth has own story, but must shoot better with one ear to hear it an you need a bit of love so that you understand it.”  - Nicolae Iorga



This year, the 25th edition of the International Folklore Festival „Bucovina's Meetings" will take place in Campulung Moldovenesc, Suceava county, between 18-20 of July 2014.



       This year, the jubilee of the 25th edition of the International Folklore Festival „Bucovina's Meetings" will take place in the following calendar and locations:
             - in Poland, in June at Jastrowie and Piła
             - Moldova Republic, in July at Kishinev
             - Ukraine, in July at Chernivtsi.
             - in Roumania, in July at Campulung Moldovenesc
             - in Hungary, in August at Bonyhad
             - Slovakia, in August at Turčianske Teplice



      The International Folklore Festival „Bucovina's Meetings" took place in the agreement between the participant countries: Poland, Moldova Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Roumania and Slovakia.
      The main objective of this annual cultural events is to promote Bucovina as a possible model for understanding and harmonious collaboration by keeping their own cultural and national identities.

If the organization and conduct of this european festival it is a great event for you, we'll be honored to have you as guests in our town. You're welcome!


Overview of the International Foklore Festival "Bucovina's Meetings"




















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