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the town hall of câmpulung moldovenesc

Str. 22nd December no.2, 725100, Suceava County, Roumania

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The first documental attestation of Campulung Moldovenesc dates from the time of Alexander the Good (April 14th, 1411). In the Middle Age, the area took its name from the resemblance with a long valley on the Moldova river stream, down on the Rarau mountain base, was the centre of the Campulung, which included 15 settlements on the Moldova, Bistrita and Dorna valleys.
      In the year 1716, Dimitrie Cantemir mentioned in his masterpiece, “Descriptio Moldaviae”, that the inhabitants of the area were organized in a kind of “independent republic”, and they rejected the orders of any local nobleman.
      With the Kuciuc-Kainargi 1774 peace, it was decided that upper Moldavia was going to be annexed to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As an immediate result, the German and Slav colonization followed.
      In 1794, the locality was declared town and in 1806 it was declared city.
      In 1923, the city was declared residence of the Câmpulung Bucovina county.
      In 1995, Campulung Moldovenesc was raised to the municipality rank.
      In 2002, Campulung Moldovenesc is declared a local interest tourism resort and in 2005, Campulung Moldovenesc is declared a national interest tourism resort.
      The traveller from Upper Moldavia to the Maramures's historical legends or to the Ardeal which is guarded by the Romanian Carpathian mountains it will be pleased by the stateliness places and the peoples across the superior course of Moldova river.
      Such a place is Campulung Moldovenesc town, situated in the North Rarau mountain base valley in the northern Oriental Carpathian mountains.
      The summits of the Feredeu's Obcina mountain at North and the Rarau's Muncei mountain at south are guarding the town's middle  area, they are to feast on in every season leading on Austrian Tirol, novelty landscape or the eastern Swiss cantons.
      The green of wood forests pine tree and spruce fir, the mountains grassland who dress the versants on the Moldova riverbed, the tumultuous rivers's crystal clear and the fresh ozone air, all those are giving the climate resort's rank and it's leading to know it's traditional hospitality.
      The Campulung Moldovenesc town it's situated in low altitude between 600-700 meters, have a 14.155 hectares total area (whereupon 564 hectares is middle town area) and 20.041 inhabitants.
      The National Road E 576 and the trans Carpathian's railway Suceava-Ilva Mica providing the town's connections with the main roads and railways thoroughfares.
















Marele Premiu "Comunitatea Virtuala" 2006


Comunitatea Virtuala Eurocrest 2007


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